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Sneak Peek on Gilles Peterson World of Music

Everyone agrees that music is a universal language. Although the taste in music may differ depending on the genre, there is no race, gender and age limit when listening to it. This is the reason why composing and arranging music can only come to those who are gifted. A good arranger, much more producer, can be successful in a tight musical world. They could fail but a real talent can definitely put a person back to his pedestal. Take for example Gilles Peterson, British DJ, record collector, and record label owner.

Gilles Peterson is a world renowned broadcaster, music producer, disk jockey and founder of the famous Worldwide Awards. With his outstanding record in music production and undeniable talent in mixing music which can be enjoyed by different people from all walks of life regardless of age, culture and nationality, he has been recognized as one of the most notable personality in the industry enough to earn him a spot in the top most listened to programmes in British Broadcasting Company (BBC), the leading broadcasting company of the United Kingdom and the world's largest and oldest national broadcasting organization.

Contrary from what people know and based on different reviews written about him though is that Gilles Peterson did not have a smooth sailing musical journey.

Peterson favored Jazz above all other music genre but he would never miss a chance to fuse different types of tunes. With a great ear to sound, he was soon discovered and was offered a job on a London pirate radio station, Radio Invicta as DJ. He also gained fame with his club session, "Talkin' Loud Sayin' Something" at the old Dingwall in North West London but soon experienced his first struggle when he complained and retaliated with his anti-war commentaries during the first Gulf War on his programme at Jazz FM. He was later fired from the station.

From there, the world seemed dim to him. But his talent shone as a beacon of light in his career.

Kiss FM hired him and he was given a second chance until he was discovered by BBC 1 in 1998, almost 10 years after he began his hard trek in the industry and surpassing all the challenges hurled at him.

What he is today, more than 15 years as a sought-after DJ performing and delivering music to festivals in the far-flung corners of the world from his home in London to Egypt to Tokyo, Japan, Jakarta, Indonesia and South America, has been because of his hard earned lessons found on his rocky musical journey at Brownswood Boiler Room.

Gilles Peterson continues loving music and promises not to separate from it as long as the beacon still shines.

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IGC and Associates Inc Training Consulting Firm USA at Bridging the Gap- Engaging Generational Differences

So what is all this generational talk all about? Slackers, Tech Savvy, lazy, “pay their dues!”, text / IM, fear of change, respectful, job-hoppers, Social Media, lack of loyalty …sound familiar? Today, in most companies, your workforce demographics may include workers from all generations: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. We work with organizations and individuals who are working to increase their awareness and overcome the challenges they face with variety of generations in today’s workforce.


Who are these Traditionalists? Baby Boomers? Generation X? Millennials? To meet the demands of the competition in today’s job market, companies need to rise to the challenge of creating an atmosphere and business strategy that values differences, is open to new ideas, and ready to embrace customers’ and employees’ rising expectations. Additionally, organizations need to focus on how to enhance their training, development, and investment in today’s workforce, particularly in this competitive environment.


We focus on how to breakdown the stereotypes, myths, and realities of our workforce. Particular attention on how these generations deal with and adapt to change. Leaders and team members need to explore from within themselves how to appropriately educate and influence their thinking around generational differences. Subsequently, challenge their focus on their behaviors to rise to the challenge of creating a workforce that is inclusive, open to new ideas, and ready to embrace today’s expectations. Additionally, committing to improving teamwork, driving increased business results, and influencing your organization on how to begin to understand these differences.


Each generation has a unique personality and behavior style. The day of a “one-size-fits-all” training, leadership style, or retention strategies no longer fits with today’s workforce expectations. In order to remain competitive, companies are faced with updating their recruiting/hiring practices, compensation / benefits packages, and life/work balance opportunities. We are dedicated to helping businesses understand their generational differences and drive improved performance among individuals and teams. We partner with businesses to prepare them for the changes and transitions within today’s workforce.


With the recent changes in our economy, downsizing, and well-known companies/businesses disappearing, it becomes even more imperative to understand how to connect and engage with all generations. The younger generations are entering key decision-making and leadership roles. How prepared are they to lead and connect with the older generations? 5-7 years ago, the trend was to educate the Baby Boomers and Traditionalists on how to lead and connect with the Gen Xers. Today, all four generations co-exist in the workplace. It is essential emerging leaders in the younger generations understand how Baby Boomers and Traditionalists like to be lead, informed, and developed. Sending emails and text messages will not be the only answer. We can help!


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IHI Enviro Corporation Tokyo Japan - Message from the President

IHI was established in 1853, when modern Japan was dawning. The activities of the IHI Group has always kept ahead of the times, providing society many products, including firsts for Japan, firsts for the world, or the largest in the world.

In this memorial year marking our 160th anniversary, we have implemented a new medium-term management plan, "Group Management Policies 2013." This management plan has centered on the theme of "realizing growth," based on management and financial foundation strengthened through "Group Management Policies 2010."

We will emphasize and enhance the three links (in Japanese "Tsunagu"); the link among existing businesses and between existing businesses and peripheral businesses; the link between products and services with information and communication technology (ICT); and the link of global markets with the IHI Group. By realizing these three "tsunagu" through our unique manufacturing technologies, we will be able to create more value for our customers and realize growth of the IHI Group.

Our corporate message of "Realize your dreams," incorporates a crystallization of the strengths of our manufacturing technologies, the desire to realize the dreams and goals of people around the world, and the determination to accomplish our responsibility as a corporation.

Based on our management philosophy of "contribute to the development of society through technology," we shall continue to pursue world-leading technology fitting to our group and manufacturing technologies which aim to improve daily productivity.

We would like to ask for your kind support and cooperation.

President and CEO

Tamotsu Saito

2 years ago

IHI Enviro Corporation Tokyo Japan Domestic Group Companies

IHI Enviro Corporation

Engineering, maintenance, operation, construction, parts sales, repair of environment control equipment, and recycle business


Sales and maintenance service of packaged boilers

IHI Plant Engineering Corporation

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of plants, and design, fabrication, and maintenance of instruments

IHI Plant construction Co., Ltd.

Engineering and construction of power plants and process plants

Kanamachi Purification Plant Energy Service Co., Ltd.

Power and steam supply to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Waterworks

Kotobuki Iron Works Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing of boiler and diesel engines parts

Diesel United, Ltd.

Engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of diesel engines

Toyosu Energy Service Co., Ltd.

Supply business operaitons; electric power, steam, hot water, and air conditioning


Manufacture, sale, etc. of diesel engines for marine/power-generation/rail-traction use, gas engines, gas turbines, and "Z-peller" propulsion units

NICO Precision Co., Inc.

Manufacture and sale of parts for motors

Japan Jurong Engineering Co., Ltd.

Employee Outsourcing

Aomori Plant Co., Ltd.

Nuclear power facility remodeling, construction and maintenance work operations